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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Punjabi Husband 'n Wife fighting

Punjabi Cartoons

Tom and jerry punjabi dubbing funny

funny pakistani dubbing (bakra eid)

Omer Sharif VS Omer Sharif - Actor Part 1

Hanif Raja in Laughter challange.

11th july babu bral Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4 part 1

Tariq jackson a comedy legend in pakistan

Pakistani Comedy King Sohail ahmed At His Very Best Part 2

URDU PAKISTAN COMEDY (Iftikhar Thakur )BY Visaal

Part 2 Donot tell lie - Urdu Pothwari Pahari Pathan comedy parody

What Cats Are Really Thinking

cat fight angry Cat betrayed by her Lover lol

The world's most funny dog video

Crazy Tiger Attack ***MUST SEE VIDEO***

Funny Video

Baby massage's the kitty

Mimi, the kitten we rescued, growing confident and playful

Baby Nerd harassing the cat

Super Funny Clip Movie!